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To ensure a high quality of life for everyone, the community has a set of rules that all residents must follow.  This page highlights the pressing issues of the moment.  For more detail, use the links to the left: Guidelines, Contractors, and FAQs.

Top Concerns

  1. Trash (and accompanying pests)
  2. Parking
  3. Snow Plan
  4. Assessments

Your Role

  1. Trash - Trash goes out on Monday and Thursday mornings.  Recycling goes out Thursday mornings. 
  2. Parking - You may park a maximum of 2 cars in the lot.  Use your reserved space first, then an unreserved space. Decals must be displayed in the rear window.
  3. Snow - Inclement weather requires more cooperation from residents.  Please clear your own walkways and sidewalks. 
  4. Assessments - Did you know that the covenants place a lien on your property when your dues are delinquent?  The Association can foreclose on you!  Please make your quarterly payments on time.

What the Board is Doing

  1. The Board works to enforce the neighborhood regulations to promote a healthful and pleasant environment. We do this by hiring contractors to take care of trash, recycling, litter, landscaping, trees, sidewalks, and parking areas.
  2. The Board has implemented a parking pass system that requires all vehicles to display a decal in the rear window of the vehicle.
  3. The Board reevaluated the service contract for 2008 and decided to use the same snow removal vendor.  We are directing the contractor to move the snow to strategic locations to avoid icing.
  4. The Association collects $50 each month dues are late. Please pay on time.


Please always feel free to contact the Board to discuss your concerns.


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